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ടേക്ക് ഓഫ്/ Take Off (2017)

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Inside the hospital room the anxious nurses had enough troubles to face. Ever since their arrival in Iraq, they have been constantly fearing of their safety and longing to see their spouses who have been sent to the war zone for providing medical aid to the wounded. The ISIS have been on a rampage, capturing one town after the other and with each passing day, the nurses’ hopes of seeing their spouses were diminishing. Slowly the ISIS were tightening their noose around Tikrit.

Sameera is returning to her hospital disheartened and displeased when her visit to the Indian Embassy was a failure. Her pleading bore no fruit and her hopes of seeing her husband were slim. Sitting in a car along with the hospital manager, she was returning to the hospital where she worked as a nurse. The young Malayali woman who came to the town of Tikrit along her fellow mates to work as a nurse, had already faced a lot of tribulations at the personal front with an estrangement with her ex-husband and is now in the eye of another big one…this time involving her very own life and that of other nurses along with her son. But she was not an ordinary woman to melt in fear. A tough woman she was, ready to put up with any challenge that came in her way.

As the car pulls through the battered streets of Tikrit, a troop of masked men brandishing firearms appear out of nowhere and stop their car. The hospital manager, who was driving the car gets down immediately and tries to escape…BANG!…. in few seconds, he is a lying corpse. The terrified Sameera cannot believe her eyes. The masked men,none other than the ISIS terrorists take her to the hospital where the other nurses were staying and hold them hostage.

Tikrit has finally been taken over by the ISIS forces and the lives of Sameera and the other 18 nurses are in jeopardy. Can Manoj, the head of the Indian Embassy in Iraq be able to rescue the 19 Malayali nurses who have been stuck in the middle of a war-zone under challenging circumstances, where seeking support and help is by no means an easy task and one had to tread cautiously to carry out the operation meticulously.

The concept of the film is similar to the Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Airlift‘ but has a completely different plot line. The film provides an authentic and a realistic insight about the struggles faced by the nurses in the middle eastern country and also gives an overview of the female protagonist’s background which is rife with several tribulations. The cinematography is worth a mention…especially the action sequences where shelling of mortars and explosion takes place, provides chills to the audience. Actress Parvathy, who plays the role of Sameera is phenomenal and impresses which her acting. Fahadh Faasil, playing the role of Manoj does full justice to the role. The film, sans any unwanted dramatic elements is a perfect watch for the audience and provides a wonderful insight to the hardships faced by the migrants in the Middle East– A theme which is very much relevant in the modern world which has been influencing the geo political landscape of the countries. Don’t miss out this film for, it provides an insightful journey of the struggles of the working migrants in the form of a gripping-action thriller.

Film: Take Off

Director: Mahesh Narayanan

Genre: Action, Thriller

Cast: Parvathy, Kunchacko Boban, Fahadh Faasil

Awards: Special Jury Mention, National Film Awards- Parvathy

: Kerala State Film Award for Best Actress- Parvathy

: Filmfare Award for Best Actress- Parvathy

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