Three Malayali cousins in Bangalore are involved in a conversation- Arjun a.k.a ‘Aju’, Krishnan ‘Kuttan’ & Divya ‘Kunju’. “Aju, aren’t you continuing your education?”, asks Kuttan to his cousin Aju to which Aju replies, “Everyone in Kerala was asking the same question!. Kerala, which has the highest literacy rate also accounts for the highest rates of suicide and heart attacks! Do you know the reason?” “The reason for heart attack…is it due to coconut oil?”, says Kuttan. “No you silly fellow! Expections!! Family members and compatriots… You all are living inside the pressure cooker of others expectations. When the pressure increases, the whistle will be blown…& life will be GONE!” answers Aju in an exasperated tone to Kuttan and Divya.

Aju is a happy-going, carefree fellow who is settled in Bangalore and is an avid bike racer. He isn’t the one who lives on others expectations and is content living life on his own terms. 

On the other hand,Kuttan is a complete contrast of his fellow cousin who has a subdued personality and like Aju, he too is settled in Bangalore and is working in an IT firm but his heart and soul lie in his native village in Kerala.

Divya, fondly called as ‘Kunju’, has just been married off to Das, much against her wishes,& aspires to pursue MBA from an IIM. 

She is a girl with a bubbly personality & has a positive outlook towards life but not everything seems hunky-dory in her marital relationship since there are frequent clashes with her husband who often places priority on his job & neglects Divya. 

Aju and Kuttan aren’t spared either, with tribulations mounting before them. Aju who works as a mechanic with a biking group, is banned from contesting in any race because of a disciplinary action owing to his anger management issues during a fight with a rival contestant whereas, Kuttan is forced to return home when he is told about his father’s poor health along with property issues. Divya & Das’s relationship hit rock-bottom when both of them decide to get divorced. Inspite of the hardships the three cousins face in their personal lives, all three of them stay closely knit and try taking most of what their ‘new home’ has got to offer- in ‘Nammooru Bengaluru’ 

Aju and Kuttan’s lives take an interesting turn when they meet and pursue their love-interests; Kuttan’s love story is quirky… he runs into a girl who suits his idea of a ‘cultured’ (sanskari), tradition-abiding woman in the form of an air-hostess who later cheats on the hapless Kuttan when she is already having a secret relation with another fellow…. This leaves Kuttan dejected & lets go off his love-interest.

Meanwhile. Aju gets smitten by a radio-jockey (Sarah) whose radio programs Aju daily listens to, with great interest but when he meets her in person, he’s shocked to find out that she’s a paraplegic which makes him sympathise with her condition.

Nonetheless, their friendship blossoms over a period of time but soon, he’s saddened when told by Sarah that she has to leave for Australia for further studies. But Aju’s story takes a turn which is revealed at the fag end of the film..

Divya’s story takes an unexpected twist when one day, she sneaks into Das’s room when he’s not at home and discovers a few hidden photos that reveal Das’s untold past life. (watch the film to know the entire plot) Divya realises the actual reason behind Das’s indifferent attitude towards her when she sees Das’s old photos & this event pushes Divya to strive towards reconsolidating her relation with Das.

In the end, amidst all the turbulent phases of the three cousins, Aju, Divya and Kuttan finally find the love of their lives & get settled with their lives happy and content.

Bangalore Days’ is one such film which will offer you a roller-coaster rise of emotions ranging from light-hearted humorous to sad as well and happy moments. The plus point of the film is- the scintillating performances of all the three leads-Dulqueer Salman (played as Aju), Nivin Pauly (played as Kuttan) and Nazriya Nazim (played as Divya) & lest we forget the brilliant portrayal of Das and Sarah played by FahadhFaasil and Parvathy respectively. The chemistry between the three cousins is amazing and was delightful to watch!

(From left to right) Nivin PaulyNazriya Nazim and Dulqueer Salman 

Parvathy and Fahadh Faasil 

Another aspect which I liked about the film is perfect characterisation of the respective roles & the actors did perfect justice to their roles… with each character having distinct personalities & shades and the trio of Dulqueer, Nivin and Nazriya pulling off the given roles work absolute élan. The storyline of the film is interwoven beautifully with the subplots of the the protagonists shown interchangeably without upsetting the flow of the film.

The film doesn’t back too much on emotions and doesn’t feel to be dragged either without too much dramatisation. The screenplay has been skilfully crafted, with the dialogues peppered with sufficient doses of humour and philosophy. The ending of the film concludes on a positive & convincing note which gives feel-good vibes to the audience.

Directed by Anjali Menon of ‘Ustad Hotel’ fame (as a screenplay writer), this film bagged several awards and was appraised by many critics.

Anjali Menon

There’s no reason why this film shouldn’t feature in your list of ‘must-watch’s’. So what are you waiting for?.. Go ahead and stream the film on Amazon Prime/ Hotstar & make sure you watch this movie with your cousins and reminiscing the good old days you used to spend with them.

Film: Bangalore Days

Director: Anjali Menon

Music: Gopi Sunder

Cast: Nazriya Nazim, Nivin Pauly, Dulqueer Salman, Fahadh Faasil, Parvathy, Isha Talwar, Nithya Menen

Awards: Kerala State Awards (2014) for- 

  • Nivin Pauly (Best Actor)
  • Nazriya Nazim (Best Actress)
  • Anjali Menon (Best Screenplay)

Filmfare Awards South

  • Anjali Menon (Best Director)
  • Parvathy (Best Supporting Actress)
  • Gopi Sunder (Best Music Director)


  • The marriage of Fahadh Faasil and Nazriya Nazim got fixed during the shooting of the film. In the film too, they incidentally played the role of a couple.
  • The trio of Dulqueer, Nivin and Nazriya were made to take part in a grooming camp organised by Anjali Menon which immensely helped in building up the relationship between them, who were playing cousins in the film. Fahadh Faasil wasn’t allowed anywhere near the camp, considering the introvert behaviour of his character.

Source: IMDb


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