“Sherlock Holmes fictional character raa….Ee Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya original!”, asserts the agent to the policemen who see the agent as nothing but a nuisance who goes on blabbering to everybody about him being an investigative agent based in Nellore who works round the clock in solving various crimes.

The self-proclaimed agent is an avid watcher of crime films and thinks of himself as nothing less than a typical investigator by donning a coat,a hat, gloves, holding a magnifying glass and what else?….a coffee mug!

What swag for a detective…uhm.. our ‘Agent’!.. The upbeat agent sets up his own agency with the help of his partner Sneha, naming it ‘FBI‘ (Fathima Bureau of Investigation)

The agent with his assistant get going about their ‘investigations’ by solving petty cases until one fine day, the agent’s informer Sirish informs him about a dead body found near a railway track in Venkatachalam. This provides the agent work a big break in his new profession as an investigator. He immediately sets off to Venkatachalam in search of the body. While venturing near the railway tracks, the agent gets caught by a few policemen for his suspicious behaviour.

Try as much as he could, the policeman turn deaf ears to his claims of being an ‘agent’ & being involved in a crime investigation and eventually lands up in a lockout at a police station in Venkatachalam. While interacting with the prison inmates, one of the prisoner, an aged man going by the name ‘Maruthi Rao‘ tells the agent about the murder of his daughter ‘Divya‘ who was in Ongole and had found the contact numbers of three people in her phone- ‘Ajay’,’Harsha’ and ‘Vasudha‘ who were the last people to have contacted Divya before she was murdered.

Maruthi Rao hands over a chit having the contact numbers of the three people to the agent and also shows the photo of Divya to him.

The next day, when the agent is released from the jail, he springs into action by touring Ongole with Sneha and trying to locate the addresses of the three suspects (Ajay, Harsha and Vasudha). Agent and Sneha track the two suspects-Ajay and Harsha and clandestinely follow their movements but are unsuccessful in tracking Vasudha. 

Later, during nighttime, when they are finished with the task of following the two suspects and gathering enough information about the places the suspects visited during the day, the agent along with Sneha spot a lady who appears identical to Divya whom he had seen in the photo on a highway.

The agent tries questioning the lady, but to no avail since the lady was unable to understand Telugu. Then the agent visits a highway-side dhaba for refreshments while several questions were running in his mind…. Just then, all of a sudden, the agent is approached by policemen and arrest him for the murder of Ajay whom he was pursuing during the morning. This leaves the agent completely perplexed and he is once again thrown in a jail! 

The agent can’t believe himself being stuck in this messy situation. He soon realises that he is being used as a bait by criminals so that he could unknowingly get himself framed for the murder that he is remotely connected to. He realised that he was falsely made to believe the murder story by Maruthi Rao, who himself is in the scheme of things of a large-scale illegal racket that is costing many innocent human lives! But nevertheless, the agent is determined to crack this, come what may!….But can the agent, fishing in troubled waters, be able to crack this high-profile illegal racket unscathed?….A situation of life and death!?.. Watch the film to know more!..

Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya will leave you spellbound for many reasons… Firstly, the protagonist Naveen Polishetty is spot-on work his characterisation and role. His presence on the screen immediately grabs the viewer’s eye and no number of words are enough to describe his acting skills.

It’s no wonder that Naveen who has also been associated with the sketches of AIB in the past and other YouTube channels, has been able to essay his role of an investigator with ease.

The other artists Shruti Sharma (played as Sneha) and Krishneshwara Rao (played as Maruthi Rao) have also given convincing performances although much of the focus was centered on Naveen.

Shruti Sharma

Krishneshwara Rao

Secondly, the execution of the plot is brilliant, although in the first half, the introduction of the character is light-hearted and humorous but not boring whereas, in the second half, things start getting a bit more serious when it is shown that the agent is actually solving the crime and from that point onwards, it’s a complete no-nonsense business devoid of any unsolicited elements such as- item numbers, melodramatic scenes, over-the-top action sequences, comic relief,etc. Thirdly, the storyline being a bit complex with various sub plots, director Swaroop RSJ has handled the elements skilfully by presenting the plot in such a way that the audience aren’t left confused figuring out the storyline and being clueless… such was the brilliance of handling the script.

Swaroop RSJ

Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya, for sure, will leave you delighted and wanting for more!… But hold your horses, cuz our Agent will back in action since the makers of the film have announced the film’s extension to a franchise. Till then, quickly hop onto your couch and enjoy the 148 minutes of adventure and drama.

The film can be viewed on Amazon Prime 

Film: Sai Srinivasa Athreya

Language: Telugu

Director: Swaroop RSJ

Cast: Naveen Polishetty, Shruti Sharma, Krishneshwara Rao, Shraddha Rajagopalan, Suhas. P

Trivia: (Potential Spoiler!!)

The storyline of the film is a fictional one, which is inspired by real-life incident of a high-profile racket of dumping of human bodies off goods trains on the Andhra Pradesh-Tamil Nadu border.

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