Chick flicks have always been the subject of ridicule. They’re written off as sappy romcoms with poor storytelling and god awful acting. Now, while there may be some truth in the statement (looking at you Kissing Booth) one cannot deny that they have given some absolutely glorious hits. They’ve shown us healthy female friendships, job

Netlix recently announced a third part of the Kissing Booth series. They also added the first movie in their ‘cringe binge’ section. So points for self awareness, I guess.

We’ve decided to list down some of our favourite chick flicks and why continue to cringe at and binge watch them.

Mean Girls

A classic. This movie has spawned off several iconic lines which have now been immortalized in memes. Tina Fey’s inspirational speech, Amy Poehelr’s cool mom attitude and who can forget the that is Regina George


The overtly sexual (but iconic) dance. Also, Regina’s mother trying to offer her daughter condoms while she is making out with her boyfriend.

Devil Wears Prada

Two words. Meryl Streep. She plays the role with so much conviction you’re both in awe and sh*t scared of her. With a satisfactory, non sappy end this makes for the perfect girls night watch.


Andy’s boyfriend. Every time he’s on screen you just feel so frustrated. Ladies, never settle for a man who does not appreciate and support your career. We’re done with the Ross Gellers of the world.


This film is just two hours of Kristen Wig’s pure comedic genius. Interesting, characters, raunchy jokes and a climatic pep talk this movie has it all.


That one scene where they go for a fitting. Yup, that one.

Pitch Perfect

This star studded line up that has Anna Kendrick in the lead role that follows an acapella group in their pursuit to win a competition. Guess acapella groups are the new theater kids.


The sequels.

A Cinderella Story

Okay first of all, shout out to Hillary Duff for being one of the few stars from childhood that remained unproblematic. Also, this movie actually focuses on her education which is a rare occurrence in high school movies.


The overused main characters text each other anonymously over the internet without actually knowing who they are in real life trope but hey the movie’s name is A Cinderella Story, what’d you expect.

The Princess Diaries

Tired of girl changes everything about her personality to get a guy to like her trope? Well, here’s a movie where a teenager undergoes a transformation to impress her grandmother.


The transformation scene where she is made to get rid of her glasses and straighten her hair. yikes

10 Things I hate about you

If someone tells you their favourite Shakespeare play is “To Tame a Shrew”, they have probably only seen this movie.


Heath Ledger’s singing parts were not long enough.

Legally Blonde

This movie is utter perfection. Elle Woods is everything I aspire to be in life. After being dumped by her boyfriend for not being smart enough, a fashion student decides to pursue law and actually aces it.


Absolutely nothing. Reese Witherspoon was born to play this role.


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